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Rollover Accident Lawyer in White Plains

Why Do Rollover Accidents Happen?

Rollover accidents can happen for many reasons. The science behind a rollover accident is that the vehicle (particularly vans, trucks, and SUVs) lose their center of balance. When they are off center, the vehicles flip over. It can happen because of speed, taking a turn too fast, jerking the vehicle out of the way of another vehicle, and even because of high winds.

Rollover Accidents Cause Serious Injuries

Rollover accidents can cause serious injuries such as spinal cord injuries, broken bones, and can cause objects to penetrate the body of the victim. Even if you believe that you’re not hurt, you should get emergency medical treatment. Rollover accidents may cause internal injuries that may not have any obvious symptoms. When left untreated, internal injuries from rollover accidents can result in irreversible damage or even death.

Sometimes, vehicle manufacturers issue recalls because their high profile vehicles have a defective roof that may collapse and worsen the injuries in a rollover accident. Vehicle recalls are often issued because the vehicle has a problem with instability. This product defect can cause you or your family to be at a higher risk of being in a rollover accident. If your vehicle was on a recall list, you may be entitled to recover monetary damages for your injuries, medical care, property damage, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

How No-Fault Laws Affect Rollover Accidents in New York

In New York, we have no-fault laws for accidents. With rollover accidents, the no-fault law will cover the damage to your vehicle. That’s good news because it provides an avenue for you to replace your vehicle. However, no-fault laws do not help victims of rollover accidents get financial compensation for their injuries, future medical care needs, prescriptions, hospital stays, or lost wages.

To get financial compensation for your injuries, you need the help of an experienced rollover accident attorney in White Plains. We will help you determine if you can file a personal injury lawsuit. If you’re unable to work because of your injuries you sustained, you may also be eligible to receive short term or long term disability payments.

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The information disclosed in the above form does not constitute or create a lawyer-client relationship. By submitting you agree to our Privacy Policy.